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Planning and Economic Development



Stephanie Danielson

Stephanie Danielson was appointed to the position of Director of Planning and Economic Development Department in September 2016 after serving the Town of Easton as Land Use Planner, then Assistant Planning Director/Environmental Planner since 2006. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners, the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Planning Association and the Massachusetts Association of Planning Directors.


What is the Department of Planning & Economic Development?


Planning & Economic Development serves the people of the Town of Easton by working to assure that growth and development in Easton is consistent with these goals: 


  • Preserve Easton’s historic and environmental resources;
  • Create housing options for Easton residents at all income levels;
  • Enhance agricultural and recreational opportunities in Easton; 
  • Allow for safe and efficient transportation options; 
  • Improve Easton’s economic vitality.


In support of our mission, the Department administers local law related to development, responds to resident inquiries, maintains records and supports a number of boards and commissions. Comprised of citizen volunteers, these groups include: