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Marijuana Policy Advisory Committee



•Voters of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts approved a ballot initiative in November, 2016 which legalizes the sale of marijuana throughout the Commonwealth.
•Easton Town Meeting adopted a moratorium on the sale of marijuana within the Town to run through June 30, 2018.
•The Selectmen, in order to adequately plan for the necessary regulation and/or prohibition of marijuana within the moratorium period, voted to establish the Marijuana Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC) in September of 2017.
•MPAC consists of representatives of the Selectmen, Planning and Zoning Board, Board of Health, and Police Department.
•MPAC’s mission is to report policy advisories and/or recommendations for policy planning as it pertains to the passage of House Bill No. 3818 An Act to ensure safe access to medical and adult-use of marijuana in the Commonwealth, to the Board of Selectmen, Board of Health, Planning and Zoning Board, and any other applicable public body. View the full MPAC Charge here. 


Name  Position  
Dottie Fulginiti  Board of Selectmen Representative  
Wayne Benson   Planning & Zoning Board Representative  
Laura Arboleda  Board of Health Representative  
Keith Boone  Deputy Police Chief & EPD Representative  


December 14, 2017: Marijuana Policy Advisory Committee to Hold Public Listening Session on Marijuana Policy Planning
December 5, 2017: Taunton Gazette Article and Map highlighting status of Massachusetts municipalities' marijuana policy


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