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Budget Subcommittee


The Budget Subcommittee consists of representatives of the Board of Selectmen, the School Committee, the Finance Committee as well as the Town Administrator and the Superintendent of Schools. This subcommittee seeks to promote communication and collaboration during the budget process. The subcommittee was formally established by a vote at Annual Town Meeting 2013. Please click here for a copy of the bylaw as it appeared in the Town Meeting warrant.




Name     Expiration Date
Connor Read Town Administrator  ex-Officio
Lisha Cabral Superintendent of Schools ex-Officio
Craig Barger Board of Selectmen Rep 2018
Kevin McIntyre Board of Selectmen Rep 2018
Patrick McCarthy Finance Committee Rep 2018
Janice Wolffe Finance Committee Rep (Vice Chair) 2018
Jackie Weisman School Committee Rep 2017
Caroline O'Neil School Committee Rep (Chair) 2017