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Agricultural Commission


The Original Easton Farmers Market returns to Oakes Ames Memorial Hall Saturday, November 5 for the winter. The Market is open. each Saturday from 10am - 2pm.




Members:  Term Ends:
Eric Silverman  2017
Edmund Hands, co-chair  2017
Kathryn O'Dwyer, secretary  2017
Steven Miller  2019
Rosa Galeno  2019
Sean Flynn  2018
Michael Luke  2018


The town of Easton is a right to farm community, having adopted Section 189 of the Code of the Town of Easton at Annual Town Meeting in 2012. Click here for the bylaw.



Staff Contact: Stephanie Danielson
(508) 230-0641 or email.



The Town voted at Annual Town Meeting on May 16, 2011 to adopt a bylaw to establish an Agricultural Commission. Wheaton Farm Garden

Agricultural Commissions advocate for farmers and agriculture and can help promote agricultural economic development, farmland preservation and agricultural revitalization. In addition to meeting a growing demand among consumers for local products, which are generally fresher, more nutritional and more flavorful than the supermarket alternatives, agriculture can be a local economic driver. As local businesses, farmers contribute to the local economy by providing jobs and by purchasing supplies and products locally.




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